River Storån

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In the south-east of Östergötland County, the forested landscape opens up with fields and meadows around the River Storån which meanders from Lake Båtsjön to Lake Åkervisten. Meadows grazed by livestock surrounds the river along the northern part of the river and the project site “Storån vid Falerum”. At some parts of the river, it runs through steep ravines. The downstream part of the river, just upstream Lake Åkervisten, meanders through the landscape and along this last part of the river, the surroundings mostly consist of agricultural land although with a sparse riparian vegetation zone. Alder (Alnus sp.) is the dominating tree species, but there is also some deciduous and spruce forest along the river.

In the lower parts of the River Storån there are spawning grounds for landlocked brown trout Salmo trutta pop. The brown trout is fast growing, mainly because of the presence of lakes, to which the fish can migrate and feed. There are also nesting Alcedo atthis (kingfisher) and Cinclus cinclus (dipper) along the river.

The varied landscape, alternating between ravines and meandering stretches, provides a great variation of habitats, and is of great geological interest. In general, the river and the project site represent a large continuous area with high freshwater conservation values. Examples of values are the presence of Unio crassus, migratory Salmo trutta populations, and Alcedo atthis.

The UC4LIFE related conservation actions include habitat enrichment (by adding substrate and woody debris to the river bank) and removal of migration barriers and reconnection of former river beds.



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