Numbers, numbers and more numbers – a short summary of this years’ summer:

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After 214 days, more than 600 cups of coffee and several hundred popsicles out in the field in Scania autumn is coming to the mussel-lab.

The young mussels are now almost 1 mm = 1000 µm big (!) and are out in 4 different waterbodies that are part of the UC4LIFE project area. We will continue to measure growth and survival – to see how they are doing out there!

During the summer we succeeded placing out a total of 1000 juveniles in 200 small tubes that we can follow them during the autumn. Furthermore, we translocated 170 adult mussels to the two restored streams that are part of the project: Fyleån and Klingavälsån. Last but not least we also placed out some fish that are infested with mussel larvae (or so called glochidia) on their gills. With all that we hope the future of the mussels can start!

All the best from the mussel-lab at the Hemmerstorps mill,

The mussel crew (Valentina & Tina)



Fast respons by fish community after restoration

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electrofishing at Kisaån

At the Föllingsö project site in River Kisaån, this year’s electrofishing effort revealed surprisingly high densities, as well as high numbers of fish species present. Findings of brown trout yearlings confirm that spawning beds are functional.

The results indicate that the diversity, both by fish and other organisms, has increased during post-restoration conditions!


//Ibbe & Larz

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