Handbook and Laymans report published

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“At a time when warnings of environmental disaster come one after another, there is a great need to provide good examples that can instil hope and faith in the future. ”Return of the River Mussel” Project is such an example. During a five-year period we have carried out restoration measures on 200 kilometres of river channels and 300 hectares of floodplain. Those measures have resulted in positive effects on water quality and biodiversity in twelve Swedish rivers that empty into the Baltic Sea, which in time will also benefit. In addition, research connected with the project has significantly improved our knowledge of Sweden’s most endangered freshwater bivalve, Unio crassus (thick-shelled river mussel). For the first time ever, the species has been cultivated and reintroduced to Swedish waters!

The ”Return of the River Mussel” project is an attempt to create rings in the water by providing an example that may inspire other river restoration projects throughout Europe. The project is summarized in this HANDBOOK and LAYMANS REPORT.

We express are gratitude to our external experts Stefan Lundberg, Maja Sjöberg and Al Burke for excellent work!

Enjoy the reading//Ivan and the UC4LIFE crew

Thanks for a fantastic Conference

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Almost ninety participants from ten different countries joined us for the international river restoration conference “Restoring floodplains, habitats and connectivity – using mussels and brains at Grand Hotel, Lund, Sweden.

During the first two days of the conference, 35 oral presentations, and about 20 poster presentations were presented (including the exhibitions at display), focusing on the three major conference topics: 1) Floodplain dynamics and habitats, 2) Connectivity and 3) Mussel and fish communities.

Indoor activities ended with a movie show “Life returns to Fylån Creek” (watch the movie here), a panel discussion and a conference dinner during the evening. The following day, about sixty participants joined us for the field excursion, which included a lab show at Hemmestorp Mölla (mussel rearing facility) at Klingavälsån Creek and trolley rides in the Fyleån Creek Valley, and presentations of the re-meandering measures at both these sites. Good fun indeed!

In all, we are very pleased to conclude that it was a great conference, with a splendid mix of people, all having a great spirit throughout the conference.

Thanks to you all!

//Ivan and Martin

Numbers, numbers and more numbers – a short summary of this years’ summer:

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After 214 days, more than 600 cups of coffee and several hundred popsicles out in the field in Scania autumn is coming to the mussel-lab.

The young mussels are now almost 1 mm = 1000 µm big (!) and are out in 4 different waterbodies that are part of the UC4LIFE project area. We will continue to measure growth and survival – to see how they are doing out there!

During the summer we succeeded placing out a total of 1000 juveniles in 200 small tubes that we can follow them during the autumn. Furthermore, we translocated 170 adult mussels to the two restored streams that are part of the project: Fyleån and Klingavälsån. Last but not least we also placed out some fish that are infested with mussel larvae (or so called glochidia) on their gills. With all that we hope the future of the mussels can start!

All the best from the mussel-lab at the Hemmerstorps mill,

The mussel crew (Valentina & Tina)



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