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The value of nature…

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Clean water and unspoiled nature = Healthy kids…

We aim for improvements of water quality and biodiversity at the twelve rivers where LIFE-actions will be performed. The reduction of riverine nutrient run-off, will have positive effects on the Baltic Sea as well. In Fyleån Creek, we are currently planning for actions which include re-meandering measures and the construction of wetland habitats. All together, we predict for a higher biodiversity and improvements of water quality after the actions being done. In addition, the recreational value for visitors and tourists will also alter, – and the question is if it is possible to measure it… Thus, is it possible to measure values such as bird watching, unspoiled nature, good water quality and a cleaner Baltic Sea – in Euros?

The answer to the question about how much Swedish citizens are willing to pay, individually, for a cleaner Baltic Sea is around 110 € annually according to a recently published study. In addition, the same study conclude that a majority of the people living in countries around the Baltic Sea is willing to pay for a healthier marine ecosystem, and that aggregated to the whole population in the region, people are willing to pay about 3 800 million € annually.

As the actions planned for in Fyleån Creek will effect tourism and visitor behavior, this Cost-Benefit-Analyse (CBA) aims to descriptive and quantify the recreational value for the Fyleån Creek area, and moreover estimate the economic benefits gained after the LIFE-actions being completed. To fully understand the entire value of Fyleån Creek area, please fill in a few answer at the following questionnaire here

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Host fish mapping results presented @ Karlstad University

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Most of the 2012-results obtained from the host fish mapping efforts in Skåne County were presented on a seminar at Karlstad University, Sweden yesterday. The results revealed that several fish species are used as hosts by the thick shelled river mussel, Unio crassus in the  streams Bråån and Tommarpsån. These fish species are represented by Phoxinus phoxinus, Cottus gobio, Gastersteus aculeatus and Salmo trutta. Even more excitingly, the hosts fish species may vary depending on the river….

On purpose to finally re-introduce mussels in the Rivers Fyleån and Klingavälsån, three out of four fish species seemed to be suitable hosts for Unio crassus, and two species out of seven in the River Klingavälsån.  During 2013, we will continue to map the mussel host fish relationships in Bräkneån River and Emån River.

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