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Fishing knowledge…

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As part of my work practice, I have experienced adventures involving electro fishing techniques and research about the thick shelled river mussel (Unio crassus) ecology. Did you know that this mussel species is Europe’s most threatened? One reason why this mussel is close to extinction is because we know so little about it. The mussel parasites (as glochidia) on fish gills under it’s first part of it’s life cycle. However, the preferred host fish species remains unknown…

To identify the fish species that might functioning as host for the mussel, we sampled a number of fish species by electro fishing in Bråån Creek.  The gills of the caught fish were then analysed by microscope so that potential glochidia larvae could be identified

We caught minnow (Phoxinus Phoxinus), stone loach (Barbatula Barbatula), lamprey (Lampetra planari) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) during this session.

I, Jonatan (Bladins school, grade 8) thanks for an exciting work practice, – at the services of Unio crassus.


unio crassus @ water forum-2013

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Welcome to MWF

Björn Risinger welcoming about 350 “water guys” at Water Forum-2013

We did six presentations (kind of a record for us?) during the first day… I can tell you, it was great fun to interact with this mass of people from all over Sweden, – the mussel, as always, being the perfect messenger.

During the conference, many of the questions asked focused both on technical issues, such as the host fish mapping study and the meandering actions, as well as administrative issues, such as landowner relationships and EU-communication.

Unio crassus salute’s HaV for organizing this conference. Indeed, we look forward to Water Forum-2014!

//Ivan, Andreas, Larz and Erik

a misty morning but crystal clear messages…

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the misty people...

Local nature conservationists, the Skönadal angler association, including the P4 Malmöhus Radio channel joined us at Kabusaån Creek this misty morning for discussing the importance of local forces when it comes to river restoration and water management…

For the rivers in the Baltic region, efficient and sustainable in-river restoration actions are one set of tools, necessary for us to work with so that improvements of water quality and aquatic environments can be achieved, also at sea.

In this context, the concept of “sustainability”, is to bring forward initiatives, support and engagement for river restoration locally.  Therefore, one major task for us is to communicate and inform people about the importance of water management, and the need for actions that are, preferable, initiated locally.

We might think that most people know a lot about these issues, but for me, it becomes clearer and clearer, that it is not so… Maybe, the most important objective for us is to communicate, sharing our experiences concerning river restoration and everything else that we are involved with; the project being part of something bigger, that is, try to change the mind of man?

Thanks to Jan-Erik Nilsson, our landlord this morning.


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