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Students being briefed @ Fylan

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Seventeen students (conservation biology) from Karlstad University were briefed about the Fyleå Creek project. It remains only two weeks before the huge re-meandering actions starts in the Valley – exiting times, in other words. Within this project, Karlstad University is one important link between applied science, education and water management. Well educated students are fundamentally important if we are supposed to improve the way we work with water management issues in the future. As part of this project, we welcome all kind of information and dissemination events, such as this, as we believe that you can only change the world by changing the way people think. Communication is everything!

//Ivan C Olsson & Sara Wild Garlic

Manipulation of flow regimes @ Lillån Creek

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The objective was to study the effects of an increased flow regime in Lillån Creek (one of Emåns two project sites), as the plan is to use Lillån Creek as a bio channel linking the upstream and the downstream part of Emån River together. By increasing the water flow in Lillån Creek, and at the same time eliminate the migratory obstacle, a two-way free passage for both mussels and fish will be gained. We do look forward to learn more about the results.

To be continued by Jakob och Emåförbundet.

Unio crassus @ Kristianstads Vattenrike

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Once again, Unio crassus showed its pedagogic skills! The interested audience (c 20 persons) was introduced for our project which aims to improve water quality and protect aquatic diversity in rivers as well as in the Baltic Sea. The questions following the presentation were many, most of them focusing on the interesting life cycle of mussels… The presentation ended by an informal exhibition were visitors could examine fish gills and the parasitic stage of an Unio crassus.

We thank Kristianstads Vatterike for the professional organization behind this event. We do look forward to future collaboration regarding Vramsån and mussels!


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