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Re-introduction of U.crassus in Fyledalen and Klingavälsån started – 26/06/2013

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The re-introduction of Unio crassus in streams where this mussel species has become extinct is a very important part of the UCforLIFE project. Therefore, fish cages have been placed in the streams in Fyledalen and in Klingavälsån next to Hemmerstorps mölla during the last two weeks. Then, on a calm and rainy Saturday afternoon, Kristin and I run a fish infestation directly in Fyledalen, and in Klingavälsån the following Monday. Prior to this, gravid mussels were collected in Tommarpsån and Bråån, two streams holding a great mussel population and transported to the lab. After the glochidia have been released by those adult mussels we collected their larvae, transported them to the streams, caught fish by means of e-fishing and finally, infested those fish with mussel larvae in a big tank. Afterwards, the fish were placed in the prepared fish cages.

In order to re-introduce juvenile mussels in the streams, the fish enclosed, will be fed regularly and only taken off the cages after a couple of weeks.

More information about this re-introduction measure you can find on the following sheet, which is also fixed next to the cages in the field.



A spirit full of LIFE with Sjöbo municipality

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Sjöbo kommun

Good spirit at Hemmestorps Mölla/Mill…

Eva Osterman, Sanna Lynghed and  Marie Nordgren (Sjöbo municipality) were briefed about our on-going LIFE-project. We also discussed common dominators between the work that are conducted by Sjöbo municipality and project activities in the area. We focused on topics related to the future plans and function of the Mill (lab),  LIFEscape*,  the sewage plant in Blentarp and water related activities for school kids

We do look forward to a closer future collaboration after summer!



* Why not check this  LIFEscape movie out?


Farmed baby-mussels and old meandering curves are seeing the first day of light in The Fyleån Creek

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Lea Schneider sampling potential host fish for Unio crassus, previously this spring… 

UC4LIFE goes overdrive! In parallel with the huge meandering work at Fyledalen Valley, Unio crassus infested fish and juveniles are experimentally stocked in parts of Fyledalen Creek. Thus, already, we have succeeded with two major goals; 1) identification of host fish species suitable for Unio crassus, and 2) methods for infestation and farming Unio crassus, the most vulnerable mussel species in Europe. Hopefully, the mussels survive in the new environment (to be continued)

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an movie even more – enjoy the crassus-dance (YouTube).

Lea and the rest of the UC-gang should be very proud about this achievement as it has never been done before in Sweden.


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