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Ad(d)mired by LIFE?

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The annual 2013-LIFE-project-platform-meeting is currently being held in Östersund. The meeting is hosted by the LIFE to Ad(d)mire and the Foder och fägring projects. Approximately 70 representatives from 29 LIFE-projects (Sweden, Denmark and Finland), ASTRLE-monitors and officers from the Commission are participating.

Fresh news from the Commission, different workshops focusing on integrated projects, Dissemination, National coordination and Ecosystem services and Cost-Benefits are major topics on the agenda. Believe it or not, – but interesting indeed.


PS – note the migration obstacle;-) //Ida S


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Part of CAB Skåne payed the Fyledalen valley a visit, enjoying the beautiful autumn at same time being briefed about the state-of-art measures that are being implemented in the Valley for improving water quality and biodiversity, in both the Valley, as well as in the Baltic Sea in the long run

Naturally we used the Fyledalen Trolly for transportation – Did you notice the Sea-eagle?


Lea brought Fyleån Creek LIFE

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Success. After the press conference, the mussels echoed loudly the following days in no more than three major newspapers, two TV-channels and two radio shows.  

Sveriges RadioSVTTV4SydsvenskanYstad AllehandaSkånskanSupermiljöbloggen

For the first time in ever in Sweden, the thick shelled river mussel (Unio crassus) was subjected for re-introduction after being farmed artificially in laboratory by Lea Schneider and parts of the UC4LIFE crew.

During the press conference, we focused on the scientific part of the project, and the fact that we have cracked the life cycle enigma (the identification of host fish species) and developed farming techniques which able us to breed and re- introduce juvenile mussels into areas where it has become extinct.

Approximately 2000 juveniles of Europe’s most threatened mussel species were released in the newly re-meandered Fyleån Creek. The mussels were put into enclosures, so that survival and growth rates can be monitored in the future.

We are grateful for the creative support by the Landowners; Högestad and Röddingeberg, The Water Council, Tomelilla Municipality and the people in the Valley!

UC4LIFE//Ivan and Lea



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