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Conference about the landscape in Scania

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gravid Unio crassus

Our project was presented by the highly appreciated presentation entitled The Fyleån Creek project – for the benefit of mussels, fish and humans! About 100 people participated. Read more about the conference here!

We are grateful for the invitation and for a well organized conference by Trelleborg kommun.


The lab of crassus

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Major construction work has been completed and only smaller adjustments remain to be done. According to our expert and surveyor of the constructions, the work done is of highest quality. Thus, the lab will be fully operational this spring, after that aquariums and equipments have been put into place in April. An opening ceremony is planned for in August. Until then, we call for suggestions of a proper name of the lab, including a catchy lay-out for the sign which will crown the facility!

Now it is time to fill the lab with aquariums, pumps, water, fish and mussels…


One year ago…

We continue to deliver!

//Ivan, Vips, Dan och Marteeng

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