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LIFE actions in the summer 2014

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During the current summer season we, the little lab team: Kristin, Sandra, Oskar, Tina, Jeroen and I, have been installing and testing the new UC4LIFE lab at Hemmerstorps mölla. The lab’s capacities exceed the space and possibilities from past years. Therefore, it is great to be able to run experiments parallel to a juvenile mussel hatchery. Thus, host fish have been infested with mussel larvae and juveniles hatching from the fish will be collected in a couple of days. Results from a test infestation run at the beginning of this year did not only show fish survival in the new lab but also guaranties us the stickleback (Gasterosteos aculeatus) to be a host fish for Unio crassus in Skåne.

In parallel to the work in the aquaria lab we have been investigating further juvenile mussel boxes placed out in Fyledalen in August last year.

Further juveniles mussels have been placed out this year by means of artificial infestation of host fish that have been transferred to fish cages planted out in the rivers.

Not to forget to mention is a second host fish mapping which has been conducted in Södermanland, Östergötland, Jönköping and Blekinge this year. Tina, Oskar and Kristin cought many different fish species which will be examined in the late summer. Mussel larvae found on those fish will be genetically analysed to refer Unio crassus presence to their host species.

Herewith, we wish you a nice summer and we’ll come back with news soon.

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