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The work at River Emån project sites progressing fast

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The river restoration work at Kvillsfors is progressing with an impressive speed right now. Cover for preventing erosion at the bottom surface, large substrates, gravel and woody debris are now added into the newly created bio-channels.

Soon the water will come, and subsequently, fish, mussels and other invertebrates, in other words LIFE!

//Jakob & Daniel

Brusaån River finally full of LIFE – migration obstacle no one removed

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Brusaån migration obstacle removed

In May, the first migration obstacle was removed at the Brusaån project site (in Marielund). Following the removal, we have improved the connectivity considerable, and about 0.6 ha of new high-quality habitats are accessible for fish and mussels. The work undertaken currently is one of several important actions that will be done during 2015. No need to say, but it is good news indeed, – considering the challenges we have faced so far…


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