River Kapellån

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The River Kapellån, which is a tributary to the Svartån River system, has a natural and partially meandering course with a relatively low degree of physical impact. Within the project area, the river has a well functioning riparian zone with shading trees and shrubs. The water velocity varies with riffles and pools, and the water has a high, natural buffering capacity. Unio crassus together with four other species of Unionid mussels has been found in the river. In addition, the Kapellån River holds fish species like the Cottus gobio and Cobitis taenia (spined loach, code: 1149), Alburnus alburnus (common bleak) and the rare Leuciscus cephalus (chub). Cinclus cinclus (dipper) uses the ravine as a transit area and the Alcedo atthis (kingfisher) uses it for building nests in surrounding banks. The stream has cut deep down into fine sediment layers and the sides of the ravine are covered with deciduous forests, dominated by Ulmus glabra (elm). Upwelling groundwater in the ravine makes it a suitable habitat for a number of rare mosses. The UC4LIFE-related action will focus on habitat improvements for Cottus gobio, Cobitis taenia, the uniod mussels included.


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