Unio crassus teaches school kidz water

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The kids are the far most important target group for UC4LIFE. Recently, the Södermanland crew arranged a field excursion for 51 kids from the Tystbergaskolan. The kidz did well indeed, together with Musse målarmussla, Helena, Tuzz och Nyköping kommuns naturskola

Read about what the kids found our i here

Why not check our fantasitic guide book out (written in Swedish)  “Målarmusslan och livet i vattnet” *

//Helena och Tuzz

* Here you can read about the mussels and other organisms living in our rivers and streams. The book is an introduction to the basic consept of limnology and aquatic ecology. Age classes targeted are +4. Editor: Helena Herngren, CAB Södermanland


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  • Ivan


    Great work Helena and Tuss


  • Lea


    The kidz will love it! Very nice booklet with very cute mussel drawings plus good text!


  • Jesper


    Looks like fun! Nice guide book too:)


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