Kids knighted / Vernissage “the magic world of Unio crassus” opening ceremony

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As part of Österlens konstrunda (Easter Open Studios Week), the Vernissage about Unio crassus and the work conducted in Fyledalen Valley (Målarmusslans Magi/The magic world of Unio crassus) was opened up at the Christinehof Castle. Fish and mussels were at display, the kids were knighted to the “Protectors of Crassus and Fyleån Creek”, and huge numbers of visitors were impressed by the Vernissage.

We are very impressed about the fine work of art the kids have created. So far, more than 1500 visitors have enjoyed the Vernissage “Målarmusslans Magi”

Check up the responce by the Commission here!

Ivan, Desirée, Lea och Ulrica

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