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Hello! I’m Jeroen (the man in on the right hand side), the new intern for this Unio crassus LIFE project. I study biology at the University of Applied Sciences in Almere, the Netherlands. For my study I’m doing this internship abroad for 12 weeks. So far I’m really enjoying myself, working in the lab and in the field. I’m interested in aquatic ecology so I’m happy that I can help you out, and I think it is very interesting. Unio crassus fulfils a very important role in the ecosystem and that is why it feels good to help restore old populations and help the research to find out what the main causes are and why the species has decreased in numbers.

Also, Bob sends his regards, I’ve seen him and his siblings yesterday and he is doing fine! In the meantime we have found even more of his brothers and sisters so they are doing just fine in the river. In the coming few weeks the family will be growing even bigger as I am sure we will find a lot more mussels.


Jeroen Jansen


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