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Always interesting and rewarding being part of the monitoring meetings which are held once a year. The turn had come to the Östergötland and the Södermanland Counties this year. Presentations were given and follow-up discussions taken. After finishing up the theoretical part of the meeting, the field visits included, the project has grown even stronger by adopting the famous motto; rise as fast as you can after the fall. It is called evolution.

Next week, we will be able to deliver a somewhat crammed, but interesting mid-term report, describing the project status in great detail. Until then, we salute the hosts Helena, Lars, including the two Eriks and Inga, our project monitor, for great performances!

THANKS//Ivan and Sara

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  • Inga


    Thank you Ivan, Sara, Lars, Helena, and Erik, for a very warm welcome! Ivan, good luck with finalising the midterm report, and Lars, good luck with restoration actions in September! And see you all next year!:-)


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