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Host fish mapping results presented @ Karlstad University

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Most of the 2012-results obtained from the host fish mapping efforts in Skåne County were presented on a seminar at Karlstad University, Sweden yesterday. The results revealed that several fish species are used as hosts by the thick shelled river mussel, Unio crassus in the  streams Bråån and Tommarpsån. These fish species are represented by Phoxinus phoxinus, Cottus gobio, Gastersteus aculeatus and Salmo trutta. Even more excitingly, the hosts fish species may vary depending on the river….

On purpose to finally re-introduce mussels in the Rivers Fyleån and Klingavälsån, three out of four fish species seemed to be suitable hosts for Unio crassus, and two species out of seven in the River Klingavälsån.  During 2013, we will continue to map the mussel host fish relationships in Bräkneån River and Emån River.

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The Happy Frankie Valentines visit

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Unio crassus, Vramsån

The LIFE-project (LIFE05NAT / L / 000116) manager Frankie Thielen from Luxemburg shared his mussel-experience with the UC4LIFE-team – stringent networking and knowledge-sharing during three days (13 / 02 / – 15 / 02 / 2012).

Frankie Thielen, and part of the UC4LIFE-team (Martin, Vibeke, Marie, Ivan), including Anders Nilsson (Lund University), discussed the topics of future collaboration, mussel rearing techniques, stocking strategies and monitoring issues. In conclusion, the discussions were fruitful, we all learned a lot about Unio crassus. We thank Frankie for his generosity!


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