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High diversity of fish in the newly created Fyleån Creek

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In total five fish species were caught by electro fishing in Fyleån Creek. These parts of Fyleån Creek were re-created during 2013 by re meandering measures. The species caught were brown trout, three spined stickleback, bullhead, minnow and European eal. Clear evidence of spawning activities by brown trout was also noted. Interestingly, four of the species (eal excluded) are identified as potential hosts species for the thick shelled river mussel during its parasitic stage. The ecological response post restoration is fast and strong, in a positive direction indeed.

The highest diversity, and most individuals caught, were at sites with high habitat variability (gravel, stones, woody debris and vegetation), whereas sites with homogenous habitats (sand and fine organic matter) corresponded to low diversity and few individuals caught.

Bank erosion expose high abundances of woody debris. Something to bear in mind while discussing how to increase the habitat variability in Fyleån Creek during future discussions?


Fyleån Creek opening ceremony – a success

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The European Parliament Member, Isabella Lövin, the president of the European Environmental Bureau, Mikael Karlsson, the Landowners, and the Project Manager, including the County Governor Margareta Pålsson gave short and interesting talks about the importance of water management and river restoration (and more…) as part of the ceremony.

About one hundred invited guests came to join us during the event which was ended by a mussel show, performed by 52 school kids, aged six and seven. Our scientists, the landowners and the County Governor handed out mussel, trees and fish for the kids to introduce into the restored part of Fyleån Creek. A symbolic action telling us that if we all collaborate, nothing is impossible… It was awesome!


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