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The value of nature…

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till gagn för kommande generationer

Clean water and unspoiled nature = Healthy kids…

We aim for improvements of water quality and biodiversity at the twelve rivers where LIFE-actions will be performed. The reduction of riverine nutrient run-off, will have positive effects on the Baltic Sea as well. In Fyleån Creek, we are currently planning for actions which include re-meandering measures and the construction of wetland habitats. All together, we predict for a higher biodiversity and improvements of water quality after the actions being done. In addition, the recreational value for visitors and tourists will also alter, – and the question is if it is possible to measure it… Thus, is it possible to measure values such as bird watching, unspoiled nature, good water quality and a cleaner Baltic Sea – in Euros?

The answer to the question about how much Swedish citizens are willing to pay, individually, for a cleaner Baltic Sea is around 110 € annually according to a recently published study. In addition, the same study conclude that a majority of the people living in countries around the Baltic Sea is willing to pay for a healthier marine ecosystem, and that aggregated to the whole population in the region, people are willing to pay about 3 800 million € annually.

As the actions planned for in Fyleån Creek will effect tourism and visitor behavior, this Cost-Benefit-Analyse (CBA) aims to descriptive and quantify the recreational value for the Fyleån Creek area, and moreover estimate the economic benefits gained after the LIFE-actions being completed. To fully understand the entire value of Fyleån Creek area, please fill in a few answer at the following questionnaire here

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