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The re-meandering starts now…

Written by Ivan on . Posted in Actions, Communication, River Fyleån

Finally, after several years of planning and intensive communication together with landowners; different authorities, including The UC4LIFE-crew at The Skåne County Board, the the physical work to restore the Fyleån Creek floodplain has started.

The objectives are to increase the area of aquatic habitats (to increase the length of the Creek), and to gain a more variable environment and a higher level of biodiversity. Also, not to be forgotten, we aim for cleaner water, in both the River system, as well as in the Baltic sea.

Initially, the physical work include measures to decrease the transport of sediment (clay and particles) downstream the project site. Thus, sediment traps (deep dams) and filters (humps of straw) are being constructed, thereby hindering sediment from being deposited downstream while re-meandering the Creek.

Why not check up what media thought about the event: Ystads Allehanda and Sveriges radio P4 Malmöhus.

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