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Information sign for tourists in the Natura 2000 site “Fyledalen”

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Since many tourists pass by the Natura 2000 site “Fyledalen”, an information sign is now available at kiosk “Aventyr på Österlen” next to the old railway. It describes our running cage experiment and some Unio crassus background. On this homepage you can download a Swedish and English version as PDF

River Fyleån

Written by Ivan on . Posted in River Fyleån


Fyleån Creek

The River Fyleån is a tributary of the River Nybroån system. The upper part of River Fyleån flows through Fyle Valley (ie the project site “Fyledalen”) which is surrounded by grazed pastures. Along this part, the river has been dredged and channelized. The flood plain has been drained to increase the area of arable land in the valley. The latest ditching activity was in the 1930´s and only small remnants of wet areas have remained. At the project site, the river runs with low velocity with shorter parts of rapids. The river is more or less overgrown by amphibious rooted plants, floating leaf vegetation and periphytic algae.

Within the Natura 2000 area, just downstream of the confluence with the Trydeån Creek, the River Fyleån meanders and is more diversified, having a more varying water velocity than further upstream. In addition, there is more coarse woody debris in the water along this part of the river than further upstream. However, the amount of dead wood is still very low. The overall characteristics of the Natura 2000 area make it unique with very high conservation values from a biological, geological, historical and landscape point of view. Steep slopes with deciduous forests and a flat floodplain dominated by grazed pastures characterize the Fyledalen project site. Small tributaries, fed by surface- and groundwater, run from valley slopes to the main river. Biodiversity is in general high and several rare plant species occur in the area. The bird fauna is very diverse as the valley is used as winter habitats, as well as for foraging and nesting by birds of prey, eg Aquila chrysaetos (golden eagle), Haliaeetus albicilla (white tailed eagle), Buteo buteo (common buzzard) and Milvus milvus (red kite). The Cinclus cinclus (dipper) and Alcedo atthis (kingfisher) are also found in the vicinity of the river. In the moist deciduous forest rare invertebrates such as Lacerta agilis (the sand lizard) and Meloe proscarabaeus (the oil beetle).

Until recently, the Natura 2000 Fyledalen-management plan has focused on conservation issues targeting birds, plants and terrestrial habitats. The revised management plan for the valley Fyledalen Natura 2000 area will, however, include management plans and conservation actions focusing on aquatic species and aquatic habitats, such as the thick shelled river mussel (Unio crassus) and bullhead (Cottus gobio), and the habitat type “Water course of plain to montane levels with the Ranunculion fluitantis and Callitricho-Batrachion vegetation”.

In conjunction with the overall high biological conservation values in Fyledalen Natura 2000 area, a thriving population of Unio crassus would be important as a source for dispersal within the entire river system. Unio crassus is known from the area by findings of shell fragments at the river bank, and Cottus gobio, including minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) has been found during a fish fauna survey recently. Interestingly, both of these fish species are potential hosts for Unio crassus. Thus, actions beneficial for Unio crassus will have positive impact for many species, both terrestrial, as well as aquatic ones…

Major UC4LIFE-actions in the Fyleån Creek include re-meandering measures and habitat-improvements for Unio crassus and related host fish speices. Moreover, as Unio crassus no longer exist in the system, re-introduction of mussels will be carried out after cultivation.

Additional endangered species: Phylloporus rhodoxanthus, Cotylidia pannosa and critically endangered species: Lepiota fuscovinacea.


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