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Snorkeling in Klingavälsån 21/05/2012

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A snorkeling afternoon in Klingavälsån…

The water was so high that Marie and I couldn’t use the viewing-buckets as we used to ! so we asked for HELP.

Léa who is use to dive has gently accepted to help us and look for mussel a bit deeper in the river. She usually dive in lake but she tried in the river with us. In despite of the water current it actually worked well and fast! We started with the most important part which are going to be remeander and unfortunatly we just found few Anondonta cygnea and shells… Then we went near the nature reserve and after a while…. we started to find some mussels ! but Léa was exhausted after several hours in the water (quite understandable!!) so we just quite at this time and we’ll come an other time to check out what kind of surprise we could find 🙂

Coming soon with some news !


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